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Тема этого года - "молодёжные субъкультуры". Взяла наиболее простое, знакомое)). Текст взятый из Википедии и адаптированный мной выглядит так:

Cosplayers and anime fans

Weariness after the sleepless night. Thrilling behind the side scene. Sensation of hundreds people’s sights…Concentratio­n on ninety seconds of performance and simplification to hear the gratitude applause. That we felt, when we have joined the most friendly and united subculture. Who are that mysterious people in luxurious remembered clothes with huge swords and cute mini-skirt? They are the actors, make-up artists, seamstresses

The term “Cosplay” is contraction of words “costume” and “play”. It means dressing up as characters from anime, manga, video games, movies and so on. But there is not enough to copy only clothes. It’s important to have the same hair style, accessories and behavior as a character. Cosplay is considered successful, when the type of face, body, make-up and insignificant details of costume are accuracy coincide with origin. The Cosplay subculture was born around the middle of 90s in Japan and became popular thanks to Gainax`s “Otaku no video”, which descript the anime fans – otaku (). Now you may meet Cosplayers all over the world.

The typical mistake is considered that all otaku are cosplayers and all cosplayers are otaku. The majority of otaku is not interested in cosplay. Besides the characters from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings is cosplayed as often as anime characters

In Ekaterinburg there are two annual festivals of Japanese visual culture: “Chibi fest” in the end of February and “Asia breeze” in the beginning of August. In the program of festival are not only cosplay, there are papa-papa dancers (synchronous movements of dancing group), karaokers (people, who sing Japanese songs), the AMV competition, fair of Japanese anime souvenirs, caf with Japanese food and many other things. The festival atmosphere is always joyful and celebratory

The idea to participate in cosplay has appeared suddenly. I have decided to create the cosplay group to act the characters from my favourite anime “Fullmetal alchemist”. My character was Lisa (Risa) Hawkeye, the serious woman from army. She is a very good sniper and irreplaceable assistant in documents. While we preparing to our cosplay, I realize, that it is very difficult and tiring occupation. We spent a lot of money on the costume and other details. At the last moment we all made the sword for one of our characters and we spent much time on the rehearsals of performance. But we were glad to take part in cosplay and we don’t regret about our efforts.

А вот примерно как оно выглядело на бумаге: сделано скриншотом из вордовского файла Оо

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